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    Computer science :
    General or specialized sites on a specific tool or language (Courses, News, Sources, Scripts, ...).
    Available themes:
    Image library directoryImage library :  Looking for images or icons ?.
    Internet Computer Sites DirectoryInternet : SEO, Peer To Peer, ...
    JAVA Computer Sites DirectoryJava : Compilers, courses, sources, XML and JSP.
    JavaScript Computer Sites DirectoryJavaScript : JavaScript courses and sources - DHTML.
    Computer Sites Directory Graphic ToolsGraphic tools : Image libraries, Flash and Paint shop pro.
    PHP Computer Sites DirectoryPHP : News, articles, courses and PHP sources.
    Network Sites DirectoryNetworks : VNC, Network monitoring (SNMP).
    SQL Computer Sites DirectorySql : Everything about SQL (the language) and Mysql (the free database).
    Security Related Sites DirectorySecurity :  Anti Virus, FireWall, Trojans and Spywares.
    Miscellaneous Computer Sites DirectoryOthers : General websites, HTML, SQL, ...
    Internet :
    Selection that could be of use to you in your work and for your everyday life ...
    Available themes:
    Job Sites DirectoryEmployment : Online job search sites (CV submission, posting of advertisements, ...).
    Real Estate Sites Directory;  Purchase, rental, services ...Real Estate : The most famous real estate portals for finding property to rent or buy.
    Games Sites DirectoryGames :  Sites on video games: PSP, PS2, PC, etc ...
    Legal Sites DirectoryLegal : Sites on the life of companies, on legislation, letters or standard contracts, information ...
    Search Engines DirectorySearch Engines : The most famous search engines and sites to find others ...
    MP3 Music Sites DirectoryMusic - MP3 :  Information on music, the internet and the current debate that goes with it. Online music shopping sites.
    Directory Plans DictionariesMaps - Dicos - Synonimes : Road maps and itineraries. Dictionaries and synonyms.
    Travel Sites DirectoryTravel - Holidays :  Online purchase of trips and vacations at good prices.
    Miscellaneous Sites DirectoryOthers : The unclassifiable in the previous categories.
    Utilities (editors) to download to develop in PHP or java, to retouch photos, etc ...
    Available themes:
    Directory Downloads DevelopmentDevelopment : Programs to develop your site in PHP-MySql or in JSP (servlets) ...
    Directory Downloads PublishersEditors : List of interesting editors to program: from the simplest to the most advanced (IDE).
    Directory Downloads Utilities FilesFile Utilities : List of utilities to work on your files (compression, comparison, renaming, viewing, ...).
    Directory Downloads Internet UtilitiesInternet utilities : List of utilities for working on the Internet: downloading, managing cookies, vacuum cleaners, FTP ...
    Miscellaneous Sites DirectoryOthers : Everything to work on images or sounds ...
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